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The Infallible (?) Isaac Gallery

Isaac shows Mr. Bennet the picture of footprints in the water. HRG recognizes the roof of the Deveaux building without the need for Isaac to tell him. We see a quarterstaff turn invisible as Claude picks it up to continue training Peter to use his powers. Bennet gives Isaac a gun (the same one seen with Isaac's corpse in the future in Episode 2) for protection from Peter.
Peter and Claude
Painted: Episode 16 "Unexcpected"
Event happens: Episode 16 "Unexpected"

Nothing good can come of vengance. Peters confronts Isaac after narrowly escaping HRG and the Haitain. "Why'd you do it?" Peter demands of Isaac. "You're dangerous. You said it yourself. Without them to help, you'll become THAT," as Isaac gestures to the Exploding Man painting. Peter looses his temper, attacking Isaac. Isaac thinks he can stop Peter, "With one bullet I can save the world - I can be a hero." Behind him, we see a red version of Uluru!

Peter and Isaac; Simone dies
Painted: Episode 16 "Unexcpected"
Event happens: Episode 16 "Unexpected"

After stealing Takezo Kensei's sword from Linderman, Hiro escapes by teleporting back to NYC. He unexpectedly arrives in the future, where he learns the consequences of failing to stop the exploding man.
Painted: first seen Episode 14 "Distractions"
Event happened: Episode 18 "Parasite"

The cover of 9th Wonders, Issue #15 "Hiro In the Future."
Hiro and Ando
Painted: Episode 19 ".07%"
Event happened: Episode 18 "Parasite"

Overcome with grief after killing Simone, in fear of being hunted by Peter, and conscripted into working for Primatech with no hope of escape, Isaac obsessively paints his own end. He is finally able to paint his own death because he is now ready to die.

Painted: Episode 18 "Parasite" (foreshadowed in Episode 2 "Don't Look back")
Event happens: Episode 19 ".07%"

Isaac's final painting... his mutilated body sprawled on the studio floor while blood drips from the hand of his murder, Sylar. As Sylar first makes use of the new power that he acquired from Isaac, his hand still drips with Isaac's blood.

Sylar; Isaac's demise
Painted: Episode 19 ".07%"
Event happens: Episode 19 ".07%"