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The Infallible (?) Isaac Gallery

Hiro fails to arrive in time to "Save the Cheerleader" and sees only the aftermath
Hiro and Ando
Painted: Episode 4 "Collision"
Event happens: Episode 11 "Fallout"

This painting was displayed in the private art collection of Mr. Linderman (first glimpsed during Episode 1 . After saving Claire from Sylar at homecoming, Peter falls into a two week long coma during which he has a repeated dream/vision of becoming the exploding man. Isaac has also witnessed the initial scene from Peter's dream as a vision of the future, painted as seen from above. Peter awakens on a deserted sidewalk.
Peter Petrelli
Painted: Pre-eclipse, first seen in Episode 18 "Parasite"
Event happened: Episode 11 "Fallout," in a dream/vision sequence.

HRG took any means necessary (administering drugs) to force Issac to create another painting - this was the result. Hiro asks Isaac, "How do you stop an exploding man?"
Peter Petrelli, absorbing domesday powers?
Painted: Episode 9 "Homecoming"
Event happened: Episode 11 "Fallout," in a dream/vision sequence.

After leaving Bennet's custody, Isaac meets up with Hiro and Ando and creates this painting drug-free. Hiro exclaims, "I really need to find that sword!" But, this painting has two-fold prophecy - scroll down to "Uluru" for more! Coincidentally, on Hiro's desktop in Japan, he had an action figure of a hero holding a sword in front of Godzilla and Uluru.

Ando says the Symbol on the sword combines the ancient characters "Great Talent" & "Godsend." (See discussion of the Super Genome Symbol, above).
Hiro (plus Isaac and Ando)
Painted: Episode 11 "Fallout"
Event happened: Episode 12 "Godsend" (hinted at in Episode 1 "Genesis")

Claude gives Peter his first "lesson" in trying to hold onto powers when his benefactor isn't around, by snatching a purse and thrusting it into Peter's hands. Peter fails miserably; after the purse's owner spots Peter, he nearly gets arrested.
Peter and Claude
Painted: Episode 14 "Distractions"
Event happens: Episode 14 "Distractions"

Peter says Simone is not like the rest; Claude tells Peter, "Everyone's like the rest, thats why they're the rest," as they discuss spying on Simone invisibly. Isaac still attempts to paint Peter, but, well... he's invisible!
Peter and Claude
Painted: Episode 14 "Distractions"
Event happens: Episode 14 "Distractions"

Isaac pours his very soul into this painting; he calls it "the future I still hope for" with Simone. Simone confesses to Isaac, "I believe in you." Little do they know, Peter and Claude spy upon their tryst from only a few feet away.

Isaac and Simone (watched by Peter and Claude)
Painted: Episode 14 "Distractions"
Event happens: Episode 14 "Distractions"

Peter has a "falling out" with Claude, claiming he doesn't have to do anything; "Except fly" adds Claude, tossing Peter over the balcony! Peter plummets 30 stories onto a cab below.

Another Uluru reference? Dressed in the colors of Uluru, Peter appears impaled upon the legendary helix sword of the samurai Takezo Kensei (Hiro). [See also, SGS above] Shortly after this scene, Peter realizes how to tap the full potential of his power and nearly explodes!
Peter (and Uluru? and Hiro?)
Painted: Episode 14 "Distractions"
Event happens: Episode 14 "Distractions"

Peter, now 30 stories away from Claude, finally becomes visible once more. Isaac suddenly realizes how Peter has been evading his search... he's invisible! Isaac calls HRG with the news about finding Peter and about his invisibility. HRG recognizes the influence of Claude.
Peter (Claude, Isaac and HRG)
Painted: Episode 14 "Distractions"
Event happens: Episode 14 "Distractions"