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The Infallible (?) Isaac Gallery

As this episode begins, Isaac has a picture of Niki without any tattoo on her shoulder. During the episode, DL discovers he was framed and plans to take Micah and the money away from Niki. Jessica (Niki's ruthless alter-ego) emerges and battles with DL. As the episode ends, Isaac re-examines the painting and discovers the SGS (tattoo) concealed beneath.
Niki/Jessica, DL Hawkins and Micah
Painted: Episode 6 "Better Halves"
Event happened: Episode 6 "Better Halves"

Sketched for Simone to honor Charles' 70th birthday. Peter and Charles share a dream of flying together, confirmed by Simone. Charles' dying words were that Peter "told him it was all going to be okay," that he "would save the world." Simone then confides to Peter that Isaac's missing painting was sold to Linderman.
Charles Deveaux (Simone's father) and Peter
Painted: first seen Episode 7 "Nothing to Hide"
Event happened: Episode 7 "Nothing to Hide"

Holding the urn, Mohinder scatters his father's ashes into the sea at the burial grounds of Kanyakumari, India. Coincidentally, Kanyakumari is the answer to a crossword puzzle provided by Charlie (Burnt Toast Diner) to the sheriff that interviewed Claire in Episode 2.
Mohinder and Chandra Suresh
Painted: Episode 6 "Better Halves" (contributed by BertX @ Nov 19 2006)
Event happened: Episode 8 "Seven Minutes To Midnight"

Hiro will meet this waitress named Charlie at a Texas diner. Charlie is later killed by Sylar.
Charlene ("Charlie") Andrews (she was "On the List" Chandra created)
Painted: first seen in Episode 8 "Seven Minutes To Midnight"
Event happened: Episode 8 "Seven Minutes To Midnight"

" I don't belong," Charlie translates Japanese. During his captivity by Bennet, Isaac sketched some scenes of Hiro and Ando at the Burnt Toast Diner with Charlie.
Hiro, Ando, Charlie
Painted: Episode 8, sketches first clearly seen during Episode 11 "Fallout"
Event happens: Episode 8 "Seven Minutes to Midnight"

" Boiling Water Man" - Isaac is seen destroying this painting in Episode 1 because he believes his ability to see the future is evil - a curse.
Theodore Sprague is interrogated by Matt Parkman
Painted: Episode 1 "Genesis"
Event happened: Episode 8 "Seven Minutes To Midnight"

The Infallible Isaac!! Bennet implores Issac to help him catch the man called Sylar. While Bennet and Isaac speak, this sketch sits in Isaac's lap! It captures two critical moments in time; when Hiro almost reveals his powers while Sylar watches (but hesitates and decides not to at the last moment) and the moment of Charlie's death at the hands of Sylar. (Isaac will later discuss the drawing with Hiro and Ando while seated in the same diner and finally realizes he can paint the future drug-free.)
Important Note: This picture shows where Sylar could be found the very moment Bennet asked for Isaac's help in finding Sylar! Isaac did not beleive in himself and Bennet never looked at the sketch, otherwise they might have caught Sylar before homecoming.
Sylar, Hiro, Ando, Charlie
Painted: Episode 8, sketches first clearly seen during Episode 11 "Fallout"
Event happens: Episode 8 "Seven Minutes to Midnight"

Audrey the FBI agent calls Matt to tell him that Theodore Sprague has escaped from custody
Theodore Sprague, Audrey and Matt
Painted: first seen in Episode 8 "Seven Minutes To Midnight"
Event happened: Episode 8 "Seven Minutes To Midnight"


Unseen Painting - In Episode 8 "Seven Minutes To Midnight," Bennet interviews Isaac and points off-screen. HRG refers to an event that Isaac's painting predicted about an earthquake that killed 81 people.
Earthquake = Uluru?
Painted: never shown
Event happened: -unknown- some time before Episode 8 "Seven Minutes To Midnight"

Claire warns Jackie "don't go that way" but Jackie dismisses her. Sylar grabs Jackie, tossing Claire aside like a ragdoll. Claire is crushed; only her healing powers save her life.
Claire senses the approach of Sylar.
Painted: Episode 4 "Collision"
Event happens: Episode 9 "Homecoming"

Peter and Isaac work together to create this painting. Mistaken identity - Sylar kills Jackie, the girl who took the glory for rescuing the man in burning train. Sylar quickly observes that Claire had been his intended target when she regenerates her injuries.
Syler and Jackie, as Claire watches
Painted: Episodes 4 "Collision" (started) & 5 "Hiros" (finished)
Event happens: Episode 9 "Homecoming"

Peter attempts to 'buy time' for Claire to escape from Sylar, and finds himself a target in a telekinetic shooting range, trying to deflect a hailstorm of school locker doors.
Peter and Sylar
Painted: Episode 4 "Collision"
Event happens: Episode 9 "Homecoming"

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World - THE FUTURE HAS CHANGED
This is the ONLY painting (so far) where the heroes' actions have altered destiny!
** CONFIRMATION - Graphic Novel 30 "String Theory" confirms that Claire originally died at the hands of Sylar, before f_Hiro's appearance to Peter on the subway... the future changed! **

Claire, fleeing up the bleachers, trips and falls as someone approaches

  • In Isaac's original vision, just before Future-Hiro visits Peter on the subway train, Isaac sees the fleeing Claire stumble, turn around, and face the approaching Sylar alone.
  • Empowered by Hiro's speech with the courage to 'save the world,' Peter defies certain death by coming to Claire's rescue. This time when she stumbles on the steps, Peter is there beside Claire to help her to her feet and Sylar approaches them together. Peter helps Claire to escape, absorbing her regeneration ability, thus they both survive.

These moving images, contributed 3/20/07 by NBC forum member kakkarot1290, clearly demonstrate how f-Hiro's message to Peter on the subway in Episode 4 altered to future in Isaac's vision.

(1st Image: Isaac's vision, Claire is alone) - (2nd Image: Peter & Claire are together)
Painted: Episode 4 "Collision" before Future-Hiro's visit to Peter
Event happens: both Episode 4 "Collision" & Episode 9 "Homecoming"
(Note: In Episode 4 we witness Isaac's futuristic vision as this scene plays out in real footage before transforming into a painting-in-progress. Isaac creates this painting while Mohinder and Peter are knocking on his door, before Future-Hiro's intervention.)

Nathan destroys this painting in an effort to save Peter from going to meet his death, but Simone finds a photo in the packing crate. Peter learns the name of Claire's highschool in Odessa TX... and it seems that he will die if he goes there! Peter is still determined to "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" no matter the personal cost.
Peter (dead?)
Painted: (* several weeks before show), first referred to as the 'missing painting' sold to Linderman in Episode 5 "Hiros" and later re-acquired by Nathan Petrelli
Event happens: Episode 9 "Homecoming"

This comic book cover (Issue #9 of 9th Wonders) is the only Isaac drawing we've seen that is 6 months old. The "Jessica" alter-ego personality emerges from Niki to take vengance on their abusive father, after grampa acted aggressively towards Micah. (A blurry scene of Jessica's rage during the struggle, hair flying, pecs rippling, closely mirrors the drawing.)

Jessica (Niki's alter-ego), protecting Micah from her father
Painted: First seen Episode 6 "Better Halves" (in a comicbook read by Mica and DL)
Event happens: Episode 10 "Six Months Ago"